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Caitlin is a world traveling writer, artist, and consultant with a focus in sexuality (but that's really only scratching the surface). You can see their work at VICE, Fusion, and other reputable websites, as well as their portfolio, www.caitlin-m-murphy.com, or their blog, www.sex-ational.com. You can also hear them talking about a variety of things on twitter at @sex_ational.


Proposed HED: This is What You Need to Know About Weed Lube (And Other Cannabis-Infused Sexual Health Products)

There are two main types of these products: those that contain THC, and those that contain CBD.

If you spend time on the internet, you’ve probably seen hit articles about a Vice journalist that drank a bottle of weed lube, or “weed tampons,” and maybe you’re curious. “But will it make my high?” you might ask -- and perhaps that’s a proposition that will either excite or scare you. Maybe you’re wondering how to access products in...