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Dr. Ruthie Neustifter is a Canadian university professor, researcher, and psychotherapist. They are proud to be a co-chair of the longest running sexuality conference in Canada and a co-host of Sexually Charged Radio. They’re also a poly, kinky, sex- and gender-queer force with which to be reckoned. Dr. Ruthie has been professionally slinging dildos and spreading pleasure since the late 1990s and especially enjoys working with diverse sexualities, genders and relationship structures, as well as survivors of trauma. Dr. Ruthie's writing and talks should never be considered a replacement for professional medical or psychotherapeutic services, and their opinions are strictly their own. Visit Exploring Intimacy for more information on me.


How to Join a Couple Without Losing Yourself

Male Unicorn Sighting

Many couples dream of finding a third partner (sometimes called a unicorn), which means solo non-monogamists interested in joining have the potential to be in high demand. Couple-solo threesomes and relationships can be a sexy way to play, but can also be risky when it comes to interpersonal dynamics. It’s all too easy to get lost in the energy, passion,...