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Kristin Hambridge is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, writer and social media extraordinaire (Sex Stuff With Kristin) with a specialization in sex and sexuality. She’s an inclusive feminist with a passion in reducing sexual shame and fighting for reproductive & racial justice. When she’s not smashing the patriarchy in her free time, she has a private psychotherapy practice in the Greater Boston Area. Visit Kristin Hambridge, LICSW to learn more.


How to Get the Sex You Crave: Communication Style and Relationships

Take a leap. Nothing will change unless your communication does.

So you’re having trouble getting what you want sexually from your partner(s), huh? Or maybe the honeymoon phase has ended and you’re realizing that in order to rekindle the sex flame, you need to start talking more openly about trying something new? I can’t tell you how many people, couples and individuals, have come into my psychotherapy office with this...