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Poly, Swingers

Complex Relationships & How to Find Their Meaning

Understanding Complex Relationships

Swinger, Polyamory, and Open .  They sound pretty straight-forward, but the definitions for these words isn't always the same as their everyday meaning.  I thought I understood these complex sexual relationships, but a little research brought me back to where I started.  Still asking myself: What do these words really mean?  How should we define these relationships? Defining Complex Sexual...


The Ancient History of BDSM

The History of BDSM

Have you ever wondered where BDSM came from?  Throughout the 20th century there has been an underground fetish culture that has only recently come into the light (thanks to the internet and the mainstream '50 Shades' series.)  The community was once considered by medical professionals as sexually deviant, paraphilia, and to be suffering from a disease or disorder.  Of course,...