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Erotic Author Tia Fanning has discovered that she always writes a little of herself in every story, and in that vulnerability, is committed to writing the best stories she can, challenging herself and her readers to experience the full range of emotions in every adventure presented. Be it love, lust, humor, grief, or even pushing boundaries that might be deemed shocking by many mainstream readers, Tia Fanning believes that it is her responsibility to tell the story as honestly as possible without letting her fears, societal pressure, or the possibility of censorship shackle her creativity. Life is a spontaneous, thrilling journey filled with highs and lows and unexpected twists and turns, and Tia wants her stories to reflect that awesome reality. Find out more about Tia on www.TiaFanning.com or visit her profile on SwingTowns.


BDSM 101: Basic Terminology

For those newly exposed the world of BDSM, learning and understanding all the terms and acronyms associated with this diverse lifestyle can be daunting.

Whether reading the SwingTowns Non-Monogamy Lifestyle Blog, or socializing with kinksters and fetishists in the SwingTowns community, the numerous terms and acronyms associated with the BDSM lifestyle can be intimidating to the uninitiated. Are you one of those readers who wish someone would just give you a crash course on basic BDSM terminology? SwingTowns is here to help! Bondage/Discipline—Dominance/Submission—Sadism/Masochism B/D—D/S—S/M BDSM...


Seven Sex Positions That Make You Look HOT!

Sex on the Beach

In today's world of body shaming and airbrushed photos, it's not surprising that many suffer anxiety concerning their body. I'll be the first to admit that I have succumbed to body image issues and shied away from my desires. I often felt I wasn’t pretty enough, or thin enough, or that my breasts weren't large enough. I've declined to partake...


Popular Kinks and Fetishes: Which Is Your Favorite?

Two beautiful women...

Kinks, Fetishes, Subcultures, Alternative Lifestyles... What does it all mean? Are you ready to try something new? Do you wonder where to begin? FANTASY ROLE PLAYING The easiest, most common kink found in the bedroom today is erotic Fantasy Role Playing. Erotic roleplay has gained so much traction in popular culture that even the “mostly” vanilla crowd occasionally indulges. Versatile...


7 Things to Do When Your Husband’s on a Date and Your Boyfriend’s at Work

Book and Bubble Bath

Your husband is out on a date, and your boyfriend is at work. What’s a girl to do? For many women, a truly free day (or night) is like spotting the Loch Ness Monster—it's a rare to non-existent occurrence. Such a thing doesn’t exist when there are dishes to be washed, laundry to be folded, and a hubby who wants...


Kink and Fetish: Is there a difference?

Researching the difference between kink and fetish.

Kink... Fetish... Two words often used interchangeably. But as lifestyles once shunned as “deviant” become more acceptable in mainstream popular culture, kink and fetish will continue to appear more and more in general conversation, and people want to know: Is there a difference between the two words? These words must mean the same thing on some level. Calling someone a kinky...


How to Share Your Fantasies with Your Partner (Without Pissing Them Off!)

Sharing Your Fantasies

Many of us have been there. The pounding heart, the twisting stomach, the need to share our true sexual longings versus the overwhelming anxiety keeping us silent because our significant other might get upset— Do we take the risk? Do we share our deepest, darkest bedroom fantasies? You are thinking, “I want to share my fantasies, but…ugh. What if my...