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Popular Kinks and Fetishes: Which Is Your Favorite?

Two beautiful women...

Kinks, Fetishes, Subcultures, Alternative Lifestyles... What does it all mean? Are you ready to try something new? Do you wonder where to begin? FANTASY ROLE PLAYING The easiest, most common kink found in the bedroom today is erotic Fantasy Role Playing. Erotic roleplay has gained so much traction in popular culture that even the “mostly” vanilla crowd occasionally indulges. Versatile...


Secret Sexual Fetishes & Fantasies: What’s Your Name? What Do You Want It Be?

A friend of mine once told me she was jealous of what she termed my “adventurous sexual past.” I can’t get my husband to do more than just tie me up, she’d said. My answer was simple. Have you asked him to do other things? No, the bondage had been his idea, and he’d been happy to keep with that....


Kink and Fetish: Is there a difference?

Researching the difference between kink and fetish.

Kink... Fetish... Two words often used interchangeably. But as lifestyles once shunned as “deviant” become more acceptable in mainstream popular culture, kink and fetish will continue to appear more and more in general conversation, and people want to know: Is there a difference between the two words? These words must mean the same thing on some level. Calling someone a kinky...


Domestic Discipline: He Wants to Spank Me. Should I Let Him?

Spanking in Domestic Discipline

  “I don’t know how I feel about him disciplining me. What do you think?” It's interesting how I get this question in one form or another, often asked very quietly, especially from blushing ladies. It’s as if the women inquiring about Domestic Discipline are afraid that the feminists of yesteryear might hear, rise up from their graves, and haunt...


The Ancient History of BDSM

The History of BDSM

Have you ever wondered where BDSM came from?  Throughout the 20th century there has been an underground fetish culture that has only recently come into the light (thanks to the internet and the mainstream '50 Shades' series.)  The community was once considered by medical professionals as sexually deviant, paraphilia, and to be suffering from a disease or disorder.  Of course,...