Naughty Girls: What They’re Made Of…

Naughty Housewife Cleans Stove in the Nude

Fun, flirty, and full of surprises, naughty girls are an alluring mixture of saint and sinner, ideal for those who are easily bored with good girls, and for those who don’t have the patience or fortitude to deal with bad girls.

What is a Naughty Girl?

A sweet temptation, that’s what. Naughty girls are the perfect blend of sugar and spice and everything nice. Their honeyed lips can speak all manner of pleasantries with cordial sincerity, but God help those who piss them off. With the quickness rivaling their fluttering lashes, you will hear a slew of expletives spew from their beautiful mouths with the skill of a salted sailor, damning you and yours to the deepest bowels of hell. Despite this, men and women love naughty girls—love to hear them talk pretty, love to hear them talk dirty, and absolutely love to spank them when they do naughty things.

So what makes a naughty girl so… well, charmingly naughty?

Naughty girls have their disarming techniques down to a science. It’s all in the tilt of their head, the fall of their hair, the perpetual blush-of-innocence that sits upon sun-kissed cheeks. They are soft-spoken and shy one moment, confident and charismatic the next. But their eyes…oh, their sparkling eyes are full of mischief and adoration. When they look at you, it’s as if you hung the moon. And when those long lashes fall downcast with sadness, it hurts. Your heart will ache to see the shine that is usually residing in the depths of their enchanting gaze.

You might read the above and think a woman must be cover-of-a-magazine beautiful to be naughty—but no, no, no—that is not the case. Naughty girls possess more important traits than mere beauty, which we know is only skin deep. It’s the easy-going personality that naughty girls have that make others gravitate toward them. They are kind. Usually smiling. They love to laugh and have a great sense of humor. Humor is the first tool in their arsenal when things get tense. Naughty girls tend to be refreshingly honest—an open book. After all, they don’t really need to lie, they simply ask and receive. And if you say no, be prepared to be sweet-talked and cajoled and begged and seduced and even manipulated because naughty girls like to get their way. (Try to resist—it’s so hot when they pout.)

Naughty girls are thrills and chills and tons of fun. They are usually up for anything. And being sexually adventurous types, we mean anything.

How to Be a Naughty Girl

For the ladies reading this post who’d like to be a little more naughty, we at SwingTowns got the girls together, had a little wine, and compiled a long list of our favorite “Naughty Girl” moves for you to ponder, and perhaps even try. (Of course, do so at your own risk. Please be safe and careful.) Take a look at our top-ten picks…

  1. Just before visitors are due to arrive, begin cleaning the house wearing an apron…and nothing else. Bonus: Take this scenario to a fantasy level and roleplay the naughty maid seducing her boss…in the kitchen, with whip cream and chocolate syrup. Just be sure to listen for that knock at the door, or risk getting caught in the act!
  2. Wearing a sexy school uniform, use your home office/desk to pretend that you are a college-aged sexual novice researching naughty stuff on the internet. When your partner catches you in the act, roleplay the part by begging your partner to share his/her erotic expertise with you, teaching you how to receive pleasure, and how to give it. Bonus: Reverse the roles for a “Hot for Teacher” scenario where you are the instructor tutoring your significant other, the pupil. Make sure to have your toys—err, tools ready for your demonstration.
  3. While standing in a close-contact crowd of adults, casually let your hand roam over the hottest part of his/her body. Bonus: Slip your hand into a pocket, or be extra naughty and reach up the shirt or delve beneath the waistline just a bit.
  4. Slip some risqué photos of yourself into your partner’s packed lunch to enhance his/her midday dining experience. Bonus: Getting your significant other painfully aroused at work is a naughty act worthy enough to warrant a sexy spanking when they return home. Be sure to have the paddle or belt ready and be in position to receive your sexy punishment.
  5. Take your significant other to an intimate restaurant where you both can sit together. While at the table, discreetly slip off your panties and slip them into his/her pocket. Bonus: Take off your panties and keep them in hand. When your significant other needs his/her mouth wiped, reach over and use your panties as you would a napkin to gently clean their face.
  6. Without alerting your significant other to your plans, place a small, quiet clitoral vibrator into your panties. While in the car together, turn it on and shamelessly show your partner just how naughty you can be. Bonus: On your next date night together, insert a vibrating dildo or anal plug before leaving the house. Turn the device on in the car. When your significant other hears the noise and/or your moans, feign shame and contritely surrender the wireless remote to your significant other. Imagine the fun to be had while chilling in a cozy coffee-shop booth, or while sitting in the last row of a movie theater during a late night showing.
  7. Take an oath to go commando for a period of time. (Who needs underwear anyway?) Bonus: On days when you must dress up, add a corset and/or thigh-high stockings, garter belts and heels for an extra naughty touch. Not only will you look sexy, you will feel sexy too!
  8. Visit your significant other at work and get your naughty on in their workspace—perhaps on (or under) their desk. Bonus: After the shift ends, shop together for some new work apparel at a clothing store with unisex changing rooms so you both can go into the stall together to “make sure everything fits properly.”
  9. Secretly make arrangements for the fulfillment of one (or more) bucket-list sex fantasies as a surprise. No special occasion necessary. Bonus: Maybe videotape the event to commemorate the affair so you both might revisit the memories at a later date.
  10. Surprise your significant other with a fun sexual getaway—attend a weekend BDSM conference, or go on a “Swingers-Only” cruise. Bonus: Travel the world and hit up some international red-light districts. Visit Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany for their famed strip clubs and purchase your sexy souvenirs at the many sex shops in the area. Journey to De Wallen in Amsterdam, Netherlands to attend renowned sex shows and check out their famous window brothels.
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