The Pink Unicorn

There’s a man who visits the dungeon regularly. He’s a submissive of Eve, the Dominant who runs the dungeon, and he checks in with her once a month.

Eve is his BDSM lifestyle coach of sorts, and at the end of every month, he either gets a reward session for meeting his goals, or a punishment. Personally I prefer the reward sessions, because we get to use him in all the ways he prefers. It’s a heady rush of power to know that he’s getting off serving us in ways that get us off.

Yeah, I love my job.

Carl is ten years my senior and towers over me at six foot seven. He confessed recently to Eve that he fantasizes about me sexually, but when we’re standing in the foyer to the play space saying hello and giving hugs, he is every inch a gentleman. If it weren’t for the sordid emails that Eve shares with me, I would have no idea about the deviant thoughts that occupy that man’s mind.

On this particular visit, Carl was going to receive a reward session. I was expecting something painful, since Carl was a masochist and adored nipple torture, but Eve surprised us both. She brought out the bright pink bondage tape and one of my favorite dildos, Mr. Vanilla. Eve and I have named all the dildos in her collection, which is pretty extensive as you may imagine. Mr. Vanilla was around eight inches long, two inches wide, and smelled like vanilla. Even after multiple trips through the dishwasher.

Carl was ordered to strip and kneel. Eve gave him permission to bury his head between her ample breasts as she fastened a leather collar around his neck. Eve always remains clothed in her corset and black jeans when we play, but my clothes are optional.

I stood behind the kneeling man, my naked body pressed against his back as my hands gently kneaded his shoulders and arms. Once the collar was fastened and Carl had worshiped Eve’s breasts to her satisfaction, she offered me the dildo.

“Hold it on his forehead please,” she said. “Carl is going to be our faceless, silent sex slave for the next three hours.”

Eve began winding the pink bondage tape around Carl’s head.

“You may make sounds of enjoyment,” she warned him, “but you may not speak unless it’s to say ‘red’ to halt play.”

“Yes, Goddess,” Carl replied.

By the time she was finished, Carl’s entire head was hidden beneath pink bondage tape. Only his eyes, nose, and a slit for his mouth showed as Mr. Vanilla jutted out proudly from his forehead.

The first stage of Eve’s plan was for Carl, our sex unicorn, to massage our feet while we watched porn. It was nice to be pampered with a massage, but the gangbang porn made Eve horny, and soon she had pushed aside the laptop to concentrate on me.

“Spread your legs and lie back on the table,” she ordered.

I complied, and then she was directing Carl where to kneel on the floor in front of me. I couldn’t see much from my position, but I felt the cold liquid sensation of lube being smoothed between my legs, and then the rounded head of Mr. Vanilla being positioned at my entrance.

For the next hour the sex unicorn serviced me with his horn, causing orgasm after orgasm to crash over me. The room smelled of clean sweat and orgasms, and all I could do was hold on to my shaking legs and come again.

Sex unicorns are the best unicorns.

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Heather Cole
When Vagina Antics began in January 2012, Heather was newly divorced and a collared, lifestyle submissive ‘owned’ by a Dominant, identified as M in her posts. She was also dating a Canadian in an open, polyamorous relationship. (I know. It’s shocking. A Canadian!) She struggled to balance creating a new home and a new career while exploring what being kinky meant to her.

These days Heather is still exploring her bisexuality and kink, but her relationships have changed. She just ended a long-term, long-distance D/s relationship and is in the process of re-grouping and assessing what kinky elements work and don’t work for her. She moonlights as an assistant at a private dungeon . Turns out that she has her Toppish moments with a hearty side of sadism if she really gets going. Of course all of it is under the healthy supervision of the Dominant in charge at the dungeon, Eve.
Heather is a published erotica author and enjoys modeling for her book covers. You can find all her books and her latest release, CONFESSIONS, on her author website at She’s currently working on a historical romance and the third installment of her Come for the World series, ABSOLVED, which combines elements of the spiritual and BDSM.

Heather wrote two columns for Fearless Press: A Kink in the Curves discussed body image and fashion, and At the Crossroads was a monthly column that explored the sensitive place where Catholicism and kink met. She has been published in Safeword Magazine and is developing several other sex-positive collaborations, including a Dating Kinky guide to be released this spring.

On the days that she escapes the thrall of her computer, Heather drinks wine, takes photographs, runs, and spends an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. They don’t call it the hottest room in the house for nothin’. Visit Vagina Antics for more information.

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