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After Sex Cigarette

I reach out to pull Steve closer, gently pressing my lips to his. I wrap one hand round the back of his head, feeling the soft prickle of his short hair. With my other hand I reach behind me, catching the waist of Mike’s jeans, and tugging him towards us. He tucks in behind me, his arms encircling both of us as he cups Steve’s arse, and kisses my neck. He pulls the three of us tight together, and I feel their hardening cocks pressing against me. My nipples bead, pushing into the thin cotton of my vest. Steve squeezes a hand between us, finding my nipple and pinching it through the fabric. With his other hand, he cups the back of Mike’s head turning his face so he can kiss him over my shoulder.

As they kiss, I slip sideways from between them, dropping a hand on either side to stroke their growing erections through their jeans. They half turn to face me, and I lean forwards. The three of us are kissing as they each reach down a hand to the hem of my vest, lifting it up. I lean back so they can pull it off over my head but they let go of the hem before it’s completely off, leaving my arms trapped above my head. They each cup a breast, weighing and squeezing it before, in unison, they both dip their heads each taking a nipple into their mouths. Steve is softer, using his tongue to trace around the hard bud, sucking it gently. Mike uses his teeth, catching the tip and sucking hard. The different sensations send pulses of feeling straight to my stomach. I feel a swooping rush of heat that floods my cunt and makes it ache. I shake my hands, flicking them free of my vest, so I can grab their shoulders as my knees start to soften.

As a unit we move backwards, I feel the sofa against my legs, and they lower me to it. They rest against the edge of the sofas they continue to work on my nipples. I move my hands pushing them up, as I pull at the hem of their t-shirts. They both stand pulling off their shirts, and then smiling at each other as I wave a hand indicating they should lose their jeans. They unbutton their flies, quickly removing their jeans. They step back towards me, and Steve leans in to kiss me, straddling my legs, and lifting me up slightly so Mike can pull off my jeans. I hear his breath huff as he realises what I’m wearing under them, or rather what I’m not.

Mike pulls my jeans all the way off, dropping them on the floor with their clothes as he kneels. Steve is braced over me kissing me hard, his lips open as his tongue slips into my mouth, I suck slightly and he moans. I lose focus and my breath shudders out against Steve’s lips as I feel Mike’s mouth pressing kisses against my cunt, moving up across my abdomen, and back down. He knows that perfect spot to kiss that gets me shivering in the best possible way. Steve shifts sideways breaking our kiss, and my head drops back as I focus on the feel of Mike’s mouth brushing over my cunt.

I lift my head to glance at Steve, he’s taken his boxers off, and his cock is erect. I reach a hand out, wrapping it around his shaft and stroking slowly. Mike’s tongue starts circling my clit, flicking over the bud before sucking it in his mouth. Steve bends over my arm, leaning towards my chest, sucking a nipple into his mouth, he circles it slowly, gently lapping over the tip. The combination of both my men sucking at me sends pulses of heat through my cunt, and my back arches as waves of orgasm roll over me. One hand is clenched around Steve’s erection, my fist jerkily pumping his cock. My other hand is tangled in Mike’s hair, my fingers curled into a fist, tugging his hair as his tongue flicks over my clit again.

He sucks gently, then catches the little nub between his teeth. He slides first one finger, then two into me, curling them against my g-spot. My hand movements become more rapid and uneven, and I feel Steve growl against my breast, the deep vibrations rumbling through me. I feel him throb and twitch in my fist, and my nipple slips out of his mouth, as he straightens. I feel pressure building in me as Mike rocks his fingers, and suddenly my entire body tightens, my muscles clench, and I gasp out “oh fuck.” I curl my toes against Mike’s legs, pressing into them. As he slips his fingers out of my cunt, I feel my juices flood out, he moves to lick them and my breath hisses out at the sensation. My body relaxes, and as my grip on Steve’s cock loosens, I feel his balls tighten, and he grunts, a ribbon of white hitting my chest. I let myself relax into the sofa, the floaty feeling making me feel drifty as I grin at both men.

Mike sits back on his heels, his hands resting on my legs. His cock is standing at attention, hard and pointing up, the tip glistening with pre-cum. I move my hand reaching down towards him but Steve beats me to it. He wraps his hand around Mike’s cock, and stroking his fist up and down the shaft, as he moves to the floor on his knees. I watch through half closed eyes as they kiss, Mike runs his hands over Steve’s shoulders and down his arms. As their kiss deepens he slides his hands down to cup Steve’s arse, pulling him against him. Mike’s cock and Steve’s hands trapped between them.

I move out of the way, sliding sideways along the sofa. Steve manoeuvres Mike onto the sofa, kissing him hard as he gets him positioned. He trails his mouth down Mike’s torso, pausing to flick each beaded nipple with his tongue before continuing down. He kisses along Mike’s cock, little sucking kisses, that cause Mike to moan and squirm. When he gets to the tip he opens his mouth wide, sliding his lips down the length of the shaft, eliciting a half pained, half relieved sound. Mike closes his eyes tipping his head back to rest against the sofa, and reaching one hand down to Steve’s head, gently stroking over the soft prickle of his short hair. I watch Steve work Mike’s cock, fascinated as always by our different techniques. The way he gently strokes a finger along the underside of the shaft, running it down the ‘seam’ of his sack. Then cupping Mike’s balls, rolling them gently in his closed hand while he keeps sucking at his cock. He moves his head shifting pressure, and I can see the movement of his tongue around the cock in his mouth. I pull my legs under me, rolling to my knees and moving closer to them. I lean over dropping little kisses across Mike’s chest, tracing my tongue around each nipple. Teasing him by switching between them, alternating kissing, sucking and licking.

Mike’s breathing is ragged, his exhales little grunting noises as he arches his back, lifting his hip towards Steve, pushing his chest into my mouth. One hand is now clutching at Steve’s head. Each grunt sends a shiver of feeling down my body, and as I watch him getting closer to coming, I can feel an answering throbbing in my cunt. I gasp as I feel Mike’s hand, he’s stroking over my cunt, slipping a finger between my lips, to rub over my clit. I’m looking down at Steve’s head, following the movement, the way he’s moving it back and forth along Mike’s cock. Watching them together combined with Mike rubbing at my clit pushes me towards the edge. Steve is moving his head faster, when a shiver passes through Mike. He arches again, and I bite his nipple as the waves of my orgasm get closer. His hand is gripping Steve’s hair, and he pushes against it forcing him further down onto his cock. I see Steve start to swallow and Mike grunts a final “oh fuck” as his body relaxes. Steve lifts his head slowly, licking and swallowing every drop of cum. Mike’s final grunt pushes me over the edge and I come again, his fingers pressed to my clit.

When I open my eyes both men are looking at me, and I smile, “Bedroom?”

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