Can the Swinging Lifestyle Save Your Marriage?

Can the Swinging Lifestyle Save Your Marriage?

Can the swinging lifestyle save your marriage?   The Lifestyle is about having fun with your partner and making up your own rules.  Rules that fit only the two of you.  There is no one-size-fits-all method to swinging and I think that is why it can save a marriage.  It promotes a greater bond with your partner in ways that may seem like an oxymoron to cynics.

5 Ways the Swinging Lifestyle Can Save Your Marriage

Confidence.  Are you feeling unattractive lately?  Sometimes just being in a swinger’s club allows you to feed off of the energy in the room; even if you never actually swap with another couple. Some have said that just going to a event, wearing sexy clothes, having other couples interact with you, is all you need to build your sexual confidence.

Arousal. Many couples have turned to medications, pornography, or books to increase their sex drive and “spice up their sex life”.  While these methods may work for some, they don’t for everyone. Being an adventurous couple in a positive environment is often more flourishing and effective.

Communication.  You and your partner decide who, when, where, and even how you will proceed into the Lifestyle.  Every detail has to be discussed and decided upon together. At first it may be awkward, uncomfortable, or even difficult — but after each decision made is put into practice, you grow stronger.  Soon, other matters in your lives will be easier to overcome because of it.

Faithfulness.  Often the offender in a marriage that struggles with infidelity can’t identity why they cheated on their partner. They love them. They want to remain married to them. However, their actions of dishonesty are usually the cause of divorce.  Swinging promotes an open-honest relationship. Thus, closing the door on betrayal and infidelity.

Peace. Escaping the mundane together allows couples to release the stress of their everyday life. When you walk into a party stressors are left at the door, but happiness is carried with you when you leave.  For many, this provides them the euphoria they need to handle whatever comes their way in their vanilla life that week/month.


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Patrick Delgado said : Guest Report Subscribe 4 weeks ago


My wife and I managed to save our mariage thru the lifestyle. We have a pretty big age gap with me 20 years older than her. I am horny, sexually active but to be placed beside a sexually enlightened 23 year old. I was unable to keep up and thought that it was going to be okay. Little did I know she was on the verge of considering to cheat on me in order to satisfy her desires, until I opened to her the lifestyle which she immediately understood and little did I know that it was relief for her. It took a little bit of time, planning, discussion of rules, choices but knowing that we are going to do it averted her inclination to cheat. When we started, we both immediately knew the following day that things were different betweeen us. Stress and the pissed off feeling was gone and never came back. But then again not everyone is built for this lifestyle. Just don't forget, each of you is doing it in order to make the other one happy.


Lorne Onstad said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

It may actually work to save a marriage, for someone I am sure. As for my wife and I we simply were both outgoing and unafraid of our sexual desires, so we eased into the lifestyle and it has worked out well. But to be sure, you cannot be the jealous type, that is a recipe for disaster. If you love one another, do not compete with one another it can be a great adventure. So to all, just get out there and start humping!!!!!

SorP said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

This is a horribly misleading article heading.  If you feel that your marriage is in need of saving the swinging lifestyle will only tear it apart faster.

 BEFORE you even start swinging you have to be 100% honest with yourself and your partner.  You have to know each other's desires, inner most secrets about sexual orientation and be able to be emotionally vulnerable to one another.  If you can do that then swinging can enhance an already good marriage and make it great.  

Essentially swinging amplifies the good and bad in relationships.  Bad relationships blow up, good ones thrive so before trying it you better know what camp you are in.  

karen said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

  I don't think swinging can save your marriage if you are having problems and are cheating.  Two people must have a secure marriage, love each other, respect each other and trust each other. Now that being said swinging can improve there sex in a marriage, meet  and make new friendships, if you can find couples that want friendships not just sex, hard to find though.  but love, trust must be there before hand.  We have been lucky to find friendships in swinging. We are now happier as a result swinging ! 

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