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Proposed HED: This is What You Need to Know About Weed Lube (And Other Cannabis-Infused Sexual Health Products)

There are two main types of these products: those that contain THC, and those that contain CBD.

If you spend time on the internet, you’ve probably seen hit articles about a Vice journalist that drank a bottle of weed lube, or “weed tampons,” and maybe you’re curious. “But will it make my high?” you might ask -- and perhaps that’s a proposition that will either excite or scare you. Maybe you’re wondering how to access products in...


The Right Way to Treat the Clitoris: 9 Moves to Drive Her Wild

When it comes to sexual pleasure, there is no magic button or one-size-fits-all technique guaranteed to produce mind-blowing orgasms. However, by developing a deeper understanding of the anatomical structures involved in sexual pleasure and learning innovative techniques, your chances of thrilling your lover with orgasmic delight multiply exponentially! You’re probably familiar with the clitoris and the fact that it only...