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This Is Exactly Who You Should Be Dating, According to the Stars

dating astrology zodiac signs compatibility

No one knows exactly who began looking to the stars for answers. It’s an ancient practice that stems from the humble beginnings of just about every human civilization (even cavemen did it). Many people still find that astrology can be a useful means of analyzing ourselves and our relationships. It helps us identify our unique traits and consider how they...


On Egalitarian Polyamory

Egalitarian Polyamory

On Egalitarian Polyamory I began my journey to polyamory much the same as many newbies do. I was in a failing relationship and trying anything possible to keep it afloat. I suggested an “open” relationship to my then boyfriend. He agreed. And, in the spirit of competition, I began immediately looking for dates. I was terrified he would find someone...


Is your own attitude cockblocking you?

Is your own attitude cockblocking you?

Three signs that your approach toward women might be killing your online dating mojo and making it hard for other guys to catch a break... You'll see it on just about any relationship advice forum with regular frequency. "What am I doing wrong? What is it people WANT out of online dating services?" I'm going to start with the caveat...


Six Reasons Why Younger Men Love Older Women

May/December "Cougar" Relationships are Awesome!

The older woman/younger man relationship is desirable for a multitude of reasons. Once a man has dated or had sex with someone older, he tends to have a preference towards that dynamic. These relationships can last a few days or years, but rarely are they remembered as anything but positive experiences. Here’s why: 1. Confidence The most appealing trait in...


How to Discuss Sex on a Date Without Being Creepy

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby...

Let’s be honest, for most people on a date, sex is going to cross their minds. For allosexual folks (people who experience sexual attraction), a date often works as an audition of sorts, is this the kind of person I can see myself getting naked with? That decision might be about more than just that special spark of chemistry, the...