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First Time At A Swinger Club: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

First Time At A Swinger Club

New swingers email me often with their questions about swinger clubs and parties. Going to a club or party for the first time can be nerve-wracking. If you have questions about going to a swinger club for the first time, you might find your answers here. These are the most common questions I get about swinger clubs from people who...


We Decided To Swing. Now What?

Meeting New Swingers

Welcome to the wonderful world of swinging! Now that you’ve surmised that your commitment, love, and devotion to one another will not be threatened by casual sex with other people, you can call yourselves swingers. Maybe you’re ready to take the first tiny steps into this lifestyle. Maybe you’re ready to dive right in. Regardless of how quickly or slowly...


Masturbation Parties: What to Think About

Masturbation Party of One - Mirror Play

 It might sound intimidating at first but it is actually a great way to ease into a group sex scenario… because there isn’t any group sex. Masturbation parties have an emphasis on masturbation, which means that no one will approach you and you won’t feel the need to approach anyone either. Masturbation parties are known for their relaxed and accepting...