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It’s Never Too Late For Now: When Should I Seek Sex Therapy?

Let's Talk About Sex Therapy

“This is my last resort.” It’s not just a Papa Roach song. It’s most people’s approach to therapy. I often hear clients come in with an all too familiar request: “We have tried everything, and nothing has changed. This is our last attempt before we break up. Please help us.” They have argued and built up years of resentment; they...


Keys to Opening Up

The only real way to know if opening up your relationship is right for you, is to have a fully transparent conversation together.

A recent article came out in the NY Times that posed the question “Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage”. At first glance I was excited to see this. I immediately considered how amazing it is that the topic of non-monogamy has become mainstream enough that the NY Times would feature an article on the topic. And then, I read...


One Love… Two love… Three love… Poly Love!

Dr. Yvonka De Ridder, Ph.D.

Let’s be honest, is one of anything really ever enough? For us humans, the depth of complexity is seemingly never ending. Thus, resulting in acquired tastes for…well, everything. Somehow we have an immense capacity to deny ourselves the very thing that makes us human – open, fluid, and explorative sexuality. It’s quite a consistent finding in my line of work...