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Coming Out To Your Partner

Coming Out Kinky to Your Partner

“Ah, um, our sex is great…but could you maybe spank me or pull my hair next time?” I bashfully asked my lover of 3 months. The pause that followed left me wondering if disapproval (at the minimum), or a trail of dust leading out the door (at the worst) would follow! Luckily, his next words were thoughtful, and carefully chosen....


Domestic Discipline: He Wants to Spank Me. Should I Let Him?

Spanking in Domestic Discipline

  “I don’t know how I feel about him disciplining me. What do you think?” It's interesting how I get this question in one form or another, often asked very quietly, especially from blushing ladies. It’s as if the women inquiring about Domestic Discipline are afraid that the feminists of yesteryear might hear, rise up from their graves, and haunt...