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SwingTowns is a world-renowned, adult-only networking website and popular “sex-positive” lifestyle blog dedicated to providing original, inspirational, and motivational content that supports the varied interests, passions, and life choices of our diverse readership. Write for us!


As a contributor for SwingTowns, you will have an opportunity to engage readers from across the globe on an international, online platform. We are looking for exclusive content that not only shares sex-positive cultural information on all things Poly, Fetish and Kink, but encourages our readers to embrace their desires and pursue the kind of sex life they want.


Content submitted to SwingTowns should promote open diversity and be relevant and relatable to the many different races, creeds, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders of our readership. We are a sex-positive, body-positive, lifestyle-positive organization, and we want to encourage others to reach for the personal happiness they deserve. We look to do this by sharing information, stories and experiences that help further remove the numerous social, cultural, and religious barriers suppressing many “sex-positive” lifestyles.


Topics we are looking to cover include
– Sex – Dating – Relationships – Lifestyles – Travel –
in the context of:



  • Submissions must be of original content for Exclusive Use by SwingTowns.
  • Please email a Word or PDF document of your submission to SwingTowns with the subject heading Content Submission: <Title> by <Pen Name>.
  • Be sure to provide your most up-to-date contact information including your name, email address, website, and other social media links.
  • All submissions should be well-written, error-free, captivating, clear and concise. Avoid slow pacing, excessive reiterations, and passive voice.
  • Submission does not guarantee publication. If your post has been accepted, we will respond to your email within 15 days. We ask that you do not send duplicate submissions or follow-up inquiries.


Please email your submission to write@swingtowns.com