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7 Misconceptions About Swingers – What Swinging is Really Like

swingers non monogamous couples swingers club swingers party

Although society is getting better at acknowledging the complexities of love and sexuality, there’s still a lot to learn. Truth is, monogamy is not for everyone -- not even all married couples. It’s easy to make assumptions about swingers, especially when literally everyone else does. I mean, when’s the last time you didn’t see swingers portrayed as a weird older couple...


This Is Exactly Who You Should Be Dating, According to the Stars

dating astrology zodiac signs compatibility

No one knows exactly who began looking to the stars for answers. It’s an ancient practice that stems from the humble beginnings of just about every human civilization (even cavemen did it). Many people still find that astrology can be a useful means of analyzing ourselves and our relationships. It helps us identify our unique traits and consider how they...


How to Have Better Sex in Two Easy Steps

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Dissatisfied in the bedroom? You’re not the only one. According to Durex research, about 50% of couples aren’t happy with their sexcapades. Or maybe it’s your partner(s) that don’t seem fulfilled after your time with them. Whatever your struggle, we have the solution! Here are two simple tips to help you have better sex. 1. Re-define what sex means Anyone...

Friends with Benefits

How to Be Friends with Benefits: 3 Definitive Rules

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It’s a weird time to be alive. Social dating sites for the non-monogamous (*ahem*) are more accessible than ever, but we are still bombarded by the toxic heteronormative insistence that romantic/sexual relationships should only ever be between one man and one woman. We see it everywhere in the media and hear it from just about everyone we know. And yet...


Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Chocolate melts and flowers die, but sweet memories made during sexy Valentine’s Day adventures last forever. The winner of our SwingTown’s Ultimate Valentine’s Getaway Giveaway will receive a one-night romantic stay on US! Your romantic getaway includes a $250 gift card, a $150 Massage Envy gift card, and a $100 gift card. The winner may optionally choose to...


Women, Get All The Sex That You Want


Women can enjoy sex with multiple partners just as much as men can. This statement might seem obvious to some. Based on my experience, not many people buy into this. The reason I write about my sex life is because this still seems a little unclear. When I search for sex-positive information about non-monogamy or casual sex, the majority of...


Think Before You Kink: Things To Consider Before You Get Kinky

The 5W's of Kink

Delving into kinky play with non-monogamous partners can be both exciting and risky. Whether you are playing very casually or with partners you know very well, there are so many things to consider. It’s common knowledge that communication is the key to keeping kink safe, sane and consensual. While spontaneity can be fun, when it comes to kink, you might...