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May More lives in the UK and has her own sex blog to highlight that people have a choice how to express themselves sexually. She advocates that sex should be liberating and not bound by social conventions. Her writing is inherently personal – with posts describing her own sexual ventures into bondage – plus other more earnest articles pertaining to topical lifestyle issues. Visit Sex Matters for more information.


Public Fetish or Private Kink – Who Cares What People Think

Kinky Fetish Us

A friend of mine explored the public fetish club scene in quite some detail some years ago. He was one of the players who would occasionally direct a “performance” in the play area. He became part of a group of who would dress outrageously to gain entry and be around other like minded people. Fetish clubs are known to be...


Polyamory – It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Communication Swing

Polyamory Communication

Many are quick to judge lifestyle choices which deviate from the so called norm. That’s all very well if your standpoint is inherently superior. However, where monogamy vs. polyamory is concerned, with divorce and adultery rates still climbing – it appears increasingly hypocritical for fans of the former to criticize the latter. I have had a few relationships that ended...