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Tired of “Living in the Closet” when it comes to your Friends? Creating Friendship in the Lifestyle

Friends are like Bras…

Friends are like Bras… They come in various styles, colors, and each has a unique purpose, place or benefit to share with you. Throughout your life, you have made friends with upwards of 100 women, or more. Some are close-knit and tight, others are loose and carefree. There are friends whom you only see in certain situations and others you...


Supercharging Your Sex Life

Professor Sex Presents: Supercharging your sex life.

One of the most common reasons that new clients reach out to me is because they want to “spice up” their sex life. They’ve been “together for a while” and the “magic is starting to fade.” They want to know if I can teach them any tricks for reigniting that spark. And, while I can definitely teach you plenty of...


How to Balance Time with Multiple Partners

Important Poly Time Management and Communication Skills

One of the books that significantly impacted my relationships is Gary Chapman’s #1 New York Times bestselling book, The 5 Love Languages. In it, Chapman posits that everyone has a preeminent “love language” that best illustrates how they flourish in romantic relationships while both giving and receiving love, attention, and affection. “Your partner may express love in those ways, and...


The Four Keys to Communication in Open Relationships

Open Communication

While excellent communication skills are a prerequisite for any healthy relationship, they are even more crucial in any kind of open relationship. Forget complex formulas for polyamorous communication! Any communication techniques must be simple enough for you and your partners to utilize them when there is a conflict, emotions are high, and no one is thinking clearly. When one or...


How to Get Your Partner to be More Kinky

Enjoy the Kinky Side of Life

So you’re a kinkster, and you’ve found a wonderful person that you want to date. There’s just one small problem: they’re not exactly kinky. Don’t abandon ship just yet! Here are some strategies for helping to introduce your partner to your kinkier side, and helping them find theirs. Be specific. Look, “kinky” is a broad category. It covers everything from...


Keys to Opening Up

The only real way to know if opening up your relationship is right for you, is to have a fully transparent conversation together.

A recent article came out in the NY Times that posed the question “Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage”. At first glance I was excited to see this. I immediately considered how amazing it is that the topic of non-monogamy has become mainstream enough that the NY Times would feature an article on the topic. And then, I read...


Public Fetish or Private Kink – Who Cares What People Think

Kinky Fetish Us

A friend of mine explored the public fetish club scene in quite some detail some years ago. He was one of the players who would occasionally direct a “performance” in the play area. He became part of a group of who would dress outrageously to gain entry and be around other like minded people. Fetish clubs are known to be...


Six Benefits of Polyamorous Relationships

Friendly Threesome

In a previous blog I used data from my 20-year study of polyamorous families with children to list some of the pitfalls that challenge many polyamorous relationships. Ideally, that blog does not give you the impression that all poly relationships are only difficult and nothing good ever comes from them. In fact, that is far from the case. To provide...


BDSM 101: Basic Terminology

For those newly exposed the world of BDSM, learning and understanding all the terms and acronyms associated with this diverse lifestyle can be daunting.

Whether reading the SwingTowns Non-Monogamy Lifestyle Blog, or socializing with kinksters and fetishists in the SwingTowns community, the numerous terms and acronyms associated with the BDSM lifestyle can be intimidating to the uninitiated. Are you one of those readers who wish someone would just give you a crash course on basic BDSM terminology? SwingTowns is here to help! Bondage/Discipline—Dominance/Submission—Sadism/Masochism B/D—D/S—S/M BDSM...


Polyamory – It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Communication Swing

Polyamory Communication

Many are quick to judge lifestyle choices which deviate from the so called norm. That’s all very well if your standpoint is inherently superior. However, where monogamy vs. polyamory is concerned, with divorce and adultery rates still climbing – it appears increasingly hypocritical for fans of the former to criticize the latter. I have had a few relationships that ended...