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5 Tips for Trying Anal Sex

When you want something hard between your ass cheeks...

So you want to fuck your partner's ass… congratulations! You may think that you are about to try to pull off the impossible, but have no fear… there is a way to get to that very special place you want to be. Keep these tips in mind when trying to dip your dick into the naughty place. 1) The Approach...


Proposed HED: This is What You Need to Know About Weed Lube (And Other Cannabis-Infused Sexual Health Products)

There are two main types of these products: those that contain THC, and those that contain CBD.

If you spend time on the internet, you’ve probably seen hit articles about a Vice journalist that drank a bottle of weed lube, or “weed tampons,” and maybe you’re curious. “But will it make my high?” you might ask -- and perhaps that’s a proposition that will either excite or scare you. Maybe you’re wondering how to access products in...


Masturbation Parties: What to Think About

Masturbation Party of One - Mirror Play

 It might sound intimidating at first but it is actually a great way to ease into a group sex scenario… because there isn’t any group sex. Masturbation parties have an emphasis on masturbation, which means that no one will approach you and you won’t feel the need to approach anyone either. Masturbation parties are known for their relaxed and accepting...


Confessions of a Sex Nerd

Sexy Nerds Rock!

People always look at me weird when I tell them I’m a sex nerd. It’s like they’ve never heard those two words in such close proximity before. Pop culture depictions of nerds – albeit more so in the 1980s than now – often depicted them as undesirable and disinterested in sex. So the idea that someone could be nerdy about...