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5 Reasons You Should Have WAY More Morning Sex, Backed by Science

Good mornings almost always lead to good days. They set the tone for everything you have to do before hitting the sheets again, so you gotta make the most of it!  Like by having sex. It’s not just about the good feelings you get afterward (though that’s definitely an important part of it). Actually, there are all kinds of science-backed...


Ladies: How to Get Better Sex From Your Man

If you think your man is getting more sexual pleasure than you, you’re probably right: research shows that men are more satisfied than women in the bedroom.  Honestly? Not cool. You deserve to get the big O -- or at least hop off without any sexual frustration -- just as much as the guy(s) in your life. Luckily, it’s nothing...


How to Talk Dirty

Closeup of tempting bright red lips of young curly woman touched by her hand

Sending a risque text is one thing, but saying it out loud? Not always so easy.  Dirty talk is something we all want to be good at, but it can feel so silly. And the fear of saying the wrong thing or making it seem forced can keep us from practicing. Some couples will go their entire relationships without talking...


7 Misconceptions About Swingers – What Swinging is Really Like

swingers non monogamous couples swingers club swingers party

Although society is getting better at acknowledging the complexities of love and sexuality, there’s still a lot to learn. Truth is, monogamy is not for everyone -- not even all married couples. It’s easy to make assumptions about swingers, especially when literally everyone else does. I mean, when’s the last time you didn’t see swingers portrayed as a weird older couple...


Women, Get All The Sex That You Want


Women can enjoy sex with multiple partners just as much as men can. This statement might seem obvious to some. Based on my experience, not many people buy into this. The reason I write about my sex life is because this still seems a little unclear. When I search for sex-positive information about non-monogamy or casual sex, the majority of...


First Time At A Swinger Club: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

First Time At A Swinger Club

New swingers email me often with their questions about swinger clubs and parties. Going to a club or party for the first time can be nerve-wracking. If you have questions about going to a swinger club for the first time, you might find your answers here. These are the most common questions I get about swinger clubs from people who...


Interview with Janet W. Hardy, Author of The Ethical Slut

Interview with Author Janet Hardy

We at SwingTowns are thrilled to share with our readers an exclusive interview from Janet W. Hardy, co-author of the bestselling book The Ethical Slut. SwingTowns: Besides being sex educator, you are also the author/co-author of eleven books, including the bestselling book The Ethical Slut. When did you decide to become a sex educator and author, and why this profession? Janet...