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The Cuckold Cover-Up: Dismantling the 4 Big Whoppers


Let’s be honest. When you’re surfing the web for information on cuckolding, you have to wade through a lot of bull^#*@ to find accurate and reliable information. We’re going to bust through four of the biggest myths about cuckolding and set the record straight about this popular fetish. Myth #1: Cuckolds are All Men According to Dr. David Ley, Ph.D,...


How to Make Your First Swinging Experience a Successful One

Congratulations on taking a brave, bold, step toward even more excitement in your (hopefully) already exciting sex life. You’ve talked this through, you’ve done lots of reading about the swinger lifestyle, you’ve joined an online swinger community, and you are ready to have your first swinging experience! You’ve screened several potential playmates and you’ve discussed everything from desires to limits...


How to Share Your Fantasies with Your Partner (Without Pissing Them Off!)

Sharing Your Fantasies

Many of us have been there. The pounding heart, the twisting stomach, the need to share our true sexual longings versus the overwhelming anxiety keeping us silent because our significant other might get upset— Do we take the risk? Do we share our deepest, darkest bedroom fantasies? You are thinking, “I want to share my fantasies, but…ugh. What if my...

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Complex Relationships & How to Find Their Meaning

Understanding Complex Relationships

Swinger, Polyamory, and Open .  They sound pretty straight-forward, but the definitions for these words isn't always the same as their everyday meaning.  I thought I understood these complex sexual relationships, but a little research brought me back to where I started.  Still asking myself: What do these words really mean?  How should we define these relationships? Defining Complex Sexual...