Epic Playtime: Sex Toys You Need to Be Using

Epic Playtime: Sex Toys you need to be using...

Sex toys can help to spice up your relationship if things have gone stale, or perhaps just to add in some different sensations you hadn’t thought of before. I’ll go over a few of my favorite sex toys that you need to be using in your sex life, whether it’s by yourself, with a partner or in group play.

Let’s start off with solo play toys, whenever I’m looking for an orgasm I don’t want to necessarily put a lot of effort into it. I prefer to lay back, let my imagination explore new realms and have the toy do the work, therefore my number one, go-to vibrator is the Satisfier. A feminine looking vibe with a hollow end, this goes over the clit and vibrates all around, causing pleasure to flow with amazing intensity. All you have to do with this nifty vibrator is pop it in place and let it do its thang. Due to the shape, it feels like the vibrator is sucking slightly on the clit as it pulsates, giving the sensation of oral. The Satisfier is a classy looking vibe that guarantees an orgasm with little effort needed!

For the males out there, I recommend a Stroker for solo play. Molded from thermoplastic or silicone – depending on the brand – to create a tight cylinder that simulates a vagina or anus. Rubbing it along the shaft during solo play adds intensity and different sensations leading you to an extraordinary orgasm! There are various textures / patterns on the inside available depending on your preference. Strokers usually have an opening at both ends, which means cleaning is faster than alternative products. Although the cleaning isn’t difficult, it’s extra work when all you want to do after ejaculation is to lay there is the post-orgasm glow. Make sure to use plenty of lube with these toys!

So, now you’re talking with your partner about mixing it up in the bedroom – perhaps introducing a new toy to the mix? The first toy you should think about is a suction cup dildo, with balls.

The length / girth size is up to you and your preference, go for however big, small, bendy you require to reach those orgasms but you need to make sure it has a suction cup on the end. Why? I hear you ask, because then you can stick it stuff and be hands-free! Using a dildo during sex with a partner is like having a threesome without the commitment of actually including someone else. Let me give you an idea of where this dildo could go; stick it to the wall, on your knees backing onto it whilst giving your partner oral (add a mirror behind the dildo so your partner can watch you fuck it!) Stick it to a chair, ask your partner to sit onto it, tie them to the chair (optional) and tease them in whatever way you can imagine. There are many, many ways to use a dildo during sex – it’s just a case of exploring to find your best match. I recommend a dildo with balls as it can be turned around so when you’re bouncing the balls hit the clit = added pleasure!

Another toy you could experiment with would be a butt plug. Again, these come in various shapes and sizes so do your research into the best fit for your arse. Butt Plugs add sensation for both the female and male during sex. The female because, obviously she’ll have a plug in her arse that’s pushing on all those glorious nerves, but also for the male. The butt plug pushes on the wall between the arse and vagina, meaning the vagina will be tighter than normal. When the male wears a butt plug it would push onto their g-spot (as long as it is the right length / size for him) sending him into an explosive orgasm that he won’t be forgetting in a while!

Butt Plugs = amazing for everyone, we should all wear them, all the time.

If you’re into group sex, you may be wondering the type of sex toy you might bring to an event like this. Well you could bring an array of sex toys to a group session, depending on the male / female ratio, the amount of people there etc. so my recommendation is more of an accessory than a toy. A fluid proof sheet or throw works wonders in these situations. Pop it over the sofa, the carpet or the bed to protect your home furnishings from all the lube and bodily fluids flying around during your night of passion! These are easily cleaned and can save a lot of time at the end of the night, if you experience group sex often, a fluid proof sheet is definitely something to invest in.

Remember to use plenty of lube with all the toys mentioned here and for any toy on the market. Lube helps things slide in and out better, avoiding chaffing and injuries! Being safe is the first rule of play time!

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