Types of Sex Toys You Didn’t Know Existed

Discover New and Exciting Sex Toys

When it comes to sex toys we all know the classics. Vibrator. Dildo. Fleshlight. Butt Plug. Sorted.

But humans are very inventive, and that creativity combined with our sexual appetites has led to some truly exciting sex toys over the years. Types of sex toys can no longer be listed on a single hand but, when placed in the hand, they all still aim to please.

Chances are you won’t know about every sex toy in this article, but we’re hoping to change that for the better.

Animal Vibrators

The iconic bunny ears of the rampant rabbit have long since become a household name for many individuals, but just because rabbits have stolen the show doesn’t mean that other animals can’t have their time in the sex toy spotlight.

Nowadays companies are finding inspiration from nature in all kinds of ways. Wearable butterfly underwear, flamingo kegel exercisers, vibrating rubber duckies, you name it. Playing with toy animals is much more fun when you’re an adult.

Penis Sleeves

Want to enjoy a firm shaft but also have a craving for additional size or texture? No worries! There are sex toys to help with that.

Penis sleeves allow users to enhance their penis by putting a flexible sleeve over it and securing it in place with a ring. Such sleeves usually have an inner texture so everyone involved gets to have fun playing around with this add-on to your sexual adventures.

Electrosex Devices

Buzzing toys aren’t uncommon, but toys that give you a buzz? That’s a whole different matter.

Like a TENS machine for your genitals, electrsex devices essentially cause your muscles to contract and tingle, eliciting some very interesting sensations.

Some people describe it like a phantom orgasm. Without the build-up your muscles begin moving as if at the point of climax but without the full build up. Orgasms can be felt on top of these contractions too, to create a rhythmic pulsating sensation.

Although not for everyone, such devices are completely safe, and sure to give your sex life a bit of a jolt.


A small, metal device with a mean-looking row of sharpened pin points, Pinwheels look like the perfect BDSM device but can provide a broad variety of sensations.

Expect pinwheels to provide gentle tickling sensations when applied lightly and sharp stings upon heavier application.

They can also be placed on their side and dragged across the body. This one’s a sure-fire winner among fans of pain & punishment.

Urethral Sounding Kits

One for the truly daring, urethral kits come with a set of small rods (usually metal, and usually of different widths) which can be inserted in to the urethra to expand it for pleasure.

The fun of urethral sounding doesn’t just come from the sensation but also from seeing just how far you can take things. Good luck to those who are keen to try.

But, Wait, There’s More!

Nipple & clit clamps, suction-based sex toys, app-controlled eggs, and ball stretchers (to name just a few), sex toys have branched out in many different exciting offshoots of orgasmic delight.

Our recommendation? Browse your favourite adult site and see just what’s new. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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