6 Signs You Could Be a Cuckold

How do you know if you might be a cuckold?

Think cuckolds are rare?

Think again.

According to Dr. David Ley, Ph.D, author of Insatiable Wives, up to 20% of the US male population fantasizes about sharing their wife (or girlfriend) with someone else. In case you were wondering, that equates to around 24 million men in 2017, although Dr. Ley notes that only around 2% will ever actually do anything about their fantasy.

It rather begs the questions, doesn’t it? How do you know if you’re one of the 24 million men turned on by wife sharing?

How do you know if you might be a cuckold?

Let’s take a look at 6 signs that you might be a cuckold.

Sign #1: Porn Preferences

In case you’re having trouble swallowing the fact that so many men fantasize about cuckolding (pun happily intended), consider this: Ogi Ogas, in his book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts, reveals that the term “cuckold” is the second most searched for term in all of porndom. Keep in mind that porn accounts for over 1/3rd of all internet traffic in the world, which means there are a lot of horny people out there.

So what kind of porn might indicate an interest in cuckolding?

  • If you like watching scenes where a woman is having sex in front of her lover, you might be a cuckold.
  • If you think of your partner when you’re watching Kyle Kong Dong give it to a wanton woman, you might be a cuckold.
  • If you get turned on watching women dominate men, you might be a cuckold.
  • If you feel a twang in your shorts when you think about being forced to dress up and act like a girl, you might be a sissy cuckold.

Sign #2: Submissive Tendencies

Not all cuckolds enjoy submission, but a good many of them do. This is especially prominent among men working in executive or management positions or men who are typically dominate in everyday life. Sometimes letting go, and letting someone else take the reins can be liberating and sexy as hell.

  • If you secretly wish your partner would be more aggressive or dominant in bed, you might be a cuckold.
  • If the idea of letting your partner “control” your sexuality (think cock cage) excites you, you might be a cuckold.
  • If you have overt masochistic tendencies (you enjoy painful, physical or mental stimulus) you might be a cuckold.
  • If the idea of having someone else tell you what to do in bed gets you going, you might be a cuckold.

Sign #3: Voyeurism

One of the most defining characteristics of a cuckold is the extreme arousal and excitement he feels watching his partner have sex with someone else. It doesn’t matter if it’s in-person or if he reconstructs a mental picture from his partner’s retelling. The bottom line is that a cuckold loves to watch his partner in the throes of unbridled ecstasy and lust….with someone else.

  • If you’ve ever daydreamed about one of your buddies screwing your wife, you might be a cuckold
  • If watching your wife masturbate or put on an erotic show really turns you on, you might be a cuckold.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to take your partner to a sex club to watch her in action, you might be a cuckold.

Sign #4: Pussy Pride

This one’s a little trickier. I’m not talking about being proud of a trophy wife and displaying her like some prized possession in your collection of masculine bravado. No, I’m talking about the pride a man feels when he can see someone else checking out his partner – the swell of self-confidence that comes from knowing other guys envy you.

  • If you get a chubby when you notice other guys scoping out your wife, you might be a cuckold.
  • If you love for your wife to wear the sexiest, most enticing clothes she has when you go out, you might be a cuckold.
  • If your buddy tells you he dreams of a go at your wife, and you think that’s cool, you might be a cuckold.

Sign #5: Feelings of Inadequacy

Despite common folklore, not all cuckolds have self-esteem issues or a micro-penis, but…..a fair number of them do. Fear that you can’t sexually please or satisfy your partner is cited as one of the primary driving forces for cuckold relationships.

  • If you find yourself worried that you partner isn’t getting what she needs or wants sexually, you might be a cuckold
  • If your wife makes reference to “Tiny Tim” when talking about your penis, she might want you to be a cuckold
  • If you find yourself stressing out about pleasing your woman, you might enjoy being a cuckold
  • If the thought of someone pleasing your wife infinitely better than you can turns you on, you might be a cuckold.

Sign #6: Interracial Fantasies

Big Black Cocks (BBCs) have come to be almost synonymous with cuckoldry. Do a quick search for cuckold porn and odds are good that you’ll end up watching an overweight white guy cowering as a muscular black man stretches out his wife. Not all cuckolds have an interracial fetish, but the vast majority do.

  • If the idea of watching your little snow-bunny take a BBC in front of you revs your engine, you might be a cuckold
  • If you find yourself watching interracial porn a lot, you might enjoy being a cuckold
  • If you secretly wish your wife could take the most massive Dongzilla possible, you might be a cuckold.

Now none of these signs mean you ARE a cuckold, so don’t freak out if one or two of these items described you. If five or more of these traits describe you, however, the odds are good that you’re either a cuckold or you might enjoy being one.


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